Testimonials / What our clients say


“(Kim’s) incredibly positive consultative, non-prescriptive style style worked well for me. It’s a real shame that the coaching has ended. I really hope that we can have another go in the future.”

SC, London


“Coaching was a rollercoaster journey, not full of answers, but, importantly Kim helped me to ask the right questions at the right time – which enabled me to discover the sort of life I wanted.I used to put on a happy face and cry on the inside – executive coaching enabled me to understand my needs and feelings, the needs and feelings of others and build an amazing way forward at a true foundation level.I have no doubt that this has had a direct and positive impact on my; business, colleagues, personal life, time, priorities, clients, relationships, finances, future and me!I discovered that it’s not complicated, it doesn’t need to be hard but I couldn’t do it on my own. So, as they say…dancing with a partner helps you find the beat, so seize the opportunity and work with this lady!”

Barry Reading, MD, Indeprod


“Coaching has been a revelation – I hope I can keep learning this way for a lifetime”.
Claire Eatock, Assistant Director, The Childrens Society


“Kim is a listening person in a sea of people talking at me. She has helped me make realistic and valuable changes in the way I work”.

Rachel Bicker, Operations Director, TSO Consulting.


“I found Kim’s coaching sessions extremely helpful. She helped me to focus my mind on what I wanted to achieve and introduced me to many useful techniques that helped me to work out how to get there. Kim’s style is very friendly and supportive but always professional. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kim as a coach to colleagues”.

Maria Wogan, formerly Assistant Director of the Commission for Health Improvement


“Kim has been a gift. She taught me to understand myself and challenged me to respect me for who and what I am. She has made a real difference to me surviving well during a period that has been challenging both personally and professionally.”

Debra Reay, Director, Public Sector.


“Since working with Kim I have had a number of ‘lights on’ moments both when we are together and when I am out in the field. The sessions help me to cut through the ‘day to day fog’ to allow clarity of thought on:
– what I am;
– what I am not; and
– what I need to do to be what I want to become”.

Director, Technology Sector.


“I think coaching has helped me to communicate better, enabling my team to understand what I want and for me to get more from them. I believe I am contributing better to the business, which has to be a good thing as far as colleagues and my boss are concerned!”.

Technical Director


“I was a bit concerned about how useful coaching would be. However, I would now recommend coaching to others as I really believe it can help.”

Assistant Director, Charities Sector.


“She positively changed how I looked at things from a management point of view. She made me look at things differently in my professional and private life. My gratitude and thanks to Kim. Doing business with her changed my life. I am continuing to look at life in the way she taught me”.

Sales Executive, Finance Sector.


“Forget chicken soup. Kim is viagra for the business soul”

Head of Consulting, OD Consultancy.


“My thinking has evolved. Prior to coaching I would have concentrated on security, now I’ve made a new and exciting future happen for myself”.

Director, Public Sector.


“I owe her a huge debt of gratitude: she stopped me going under”.

Operations Director, Utilities.


“I have a far better understanding of myself and a better ability to cope with weaknesses. I have never felt this before and it has given me more strength.”

Finance Director, Utilities.