Team Coaching


“Great teams have a similarity of spirit and a diversity of strengths”.

Mike Pegg, November 2010.

The best teams are made up of people who know their individual strengths, can articulate them; and know – and use – the strengths of their fellow team members. Here’s what we do with teams:

Work with the team members, through coaching and strengths psychometrics, so they are able to articulate their strengths with a passion and sense of ownership; and faciltate events whereby the team members share their new understanding of their strengths; and team members begin to define the roles and responsibilities that really play to each member’s strengths.

It isn’t all about strengths either. We also know it’s important to acknowledge our weaknesses, so that we can decide which are business-critical and make them “good enough”…and which we can set aside forever!

To find out more about our strengths approach to team coaching, please contact us.

“Effective leaders surround themselves with the right people and build on each person’s strengths”.

Tom Rath, ‘Strengths Based Leadership’