Do you have a smile on your face when you’re heading home from work? Do you feel energetic when you think about going to work?

If the answer is yes, then you are most likely in the right job. Knowing your job is the right job for you is a wonderful feeling and you can count yourself lucky!

If you aren’t quite sure whether the above describes your situation, check out the following statements. If you feel the signs apply to you, you are probably following the right career path.


1. You Are Optimistic About Your Work

When you think about your job and the future, do you feel optimistic or pessimistic? If the answer is optimistic, you’ll most likely enjoy your job and you feel it provides you with the security you deserve.


2. You Don’t Suffer from Sunday Blues

On a Sunday evening, can you list ten things you’d rather do on a Monday morning than go to work? If not, you don’t suffer from the Sunday blues and going to work probably isn’t a stressful experience for you, or at least you don’t spend your Sunday afternoon filled with dread!


3. You Feel Energetic at Work

You want your workdays to fly by and feel enjoyable and productive. If you feel like you have a lot of energy when you go to work and when you leave work, even after a busy day, you truly enjoy doing your job.

If every day is physically draining and tiring to the point it affects your motivation, you need to look at your life carefully and see if it’s the work or your lifestyle that is draining you.


4. You Often Recruit Other People to Your Organisation

If you talk about your job enthusiastically to others and you even recommend it for your friends, you probably love your work. Recommending your workplace to others means you love the way the organisation operates.

In fact, the recommendation test is a good way to test how good your workplace is. If you find it hard to think of people who might enjoy working at your organisation, or you don’t want to talk about where you work and sing its praises, you probably don’t enjoy it yourself either.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a few bad days means you don’t like your job, either. We all moan about work sometimes, but for you is it letting off steam on the odd occasion or a daily occurrence?


5. You Enjoy Spending Time with Your Co-workers

Can you see yourself inviting some of your colleagues to your birthday party or just for a drink after work? It’s important to get along with the people you work with. Good relationships with colleagues can ensure your work doesn’t seem like a burden.

If you’re not the type to socialise with those from work, that’s fine, but imagine yourself doing it when asking yourself this!


6. You Aren’t Afraid of Extra Work

Do you feel empowered when a new project opportunity arises? Does extra work make you more excited than stressed? If hard work or additional responsibility doesn’t worry you, then you probably love your job.

Feeling busy doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t like the job – if you feel busy as well as anxious, then you probably don’t enjoy all the extra work. Take some time to work out whether it’s simply a case of needing to plan yourself better, or whether you might be genuinely overworked or stressed.


7. You Feel Financially Free To Express Yourself

You might not yet have the money to fulfil your wildest dreams, but if you are constantly struggling to do the things you like because of money-issues, your job might not be the right for you. Even if you love what you do, you need to think whether it is financially right for you.

Many of us have hobbies or interests that we’d love to be our job, but sometimes it isn’t financially possible. That said, if you can make money from something you enjoy you should absolutely grab the opportunity with both hands.

As well as keeping these points in mind, check out our blog for more tools on enjoying your job and finding the right career path.