Strengthscope / Strengthscope, StrengthscopeTeam and the Strengths Engagement Index


We make quite a lot of noise about Strengthscope. In fact, we make so much noise that sometimes people think that we created it. If only! That credit must go to Strengths Partnership.

No, we use (and promote) the strengths profiling tool, Strengthscope, for the best possible reason: it works for our clients. It really resonates with them as they find it insightful and practical. 

So, we use the full range of Strengthscope tools and we use them across the employee life cycle.

  1. Strengthscope: gives you an individual strengths profile so that you can decide which ones you want to develop; and which represent a performance risk you want to address. Comes in 2 forms: standard and multi-rater with feedback from up to 8 participants.
  2. StrengthscopeTeam: gives you a team profile, outlining not only everyone’s Top 7 strengths but also the team’s productive and non-productive habits. Leaders and teams alike really like the easy to read, action-oriented format.
  3. Strengths Engagement Index (new): gives you a stake in the ground of a team’s level of engagement before a development project; and then afterwards. As you would expect, it’s practical and insightful.
  4. StrengthsLeader (new): Coming soon!


We help clients to use these practical, insightful tools to increase engagement, productivity and profitability in individuals and teams.

For organisations who are seeking to use the tools frequently we also offer cost-effective in-house accreditation training. Please contact us for more information.