360-degree Feedback


360-degree feedback is an excellent way of beginning and deepening your self-awareness. Essentially it’s a process of asking all the important contacts around you for feedback on you. So, we’ll ask those people around you what it is about you that they regard as a strength and where they would welcome some changes.

It takes courage to ask for this sort of feedback…and with the sort of support you’ll get from us – it’s a life-changing and positive process.

We like to do it differently. We like to do it the personal way, i.e. interview the respondents, either by the telephone or face to face. In addition we really involve the clients. Together we:

  1. Build the questions
  2. Gather together a list of around 8 interviewees
  3. Spend 2-3 hours discussing the 2-page summary we send you in advance. Our intention is that by the end of the discussion you should feel that you understand the feedback, accept where it’s coming from and begin building some development actions that reflect its contents.


NB Because of the additional time involved there is extra cost associated with us undertaking 360-degree feedback usually equivalent to about 1.5 to two days.

If you’d like to know more about 360-degree feedback please contact us.