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It’s been a year since my Dad died and

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Hands up anyone who enjoys being micro-managed… Nobody? Hands

Stop Ruminating and Reflect Instead

No, these aren’t dictionary definitions as they’re both defined

The first (& most over-looked) priority of the best leaders

Spoiler alert: it’s not to create value for your

What is the Strengths Approach?

Are you wondering what this Strengths Approach is all about? And if it works?

We believe it works; and we’re passionate about the possibilities it offers to organisations, to teams and YOU.

Did you know that people who:

  • Do what they do best every day are 6 times more engaged than those that don’t?
  • Focus on mastering their strengths improve by 48%; and those who focus on weakness improve by 6% ?
  • Use their strengths every day report the highest energy, productivity and success?

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